Blood moon january 11 astrology

You will notice a stronger connection to those people around you who may not be going through the best moment of their lives, and you could be instrumental in offering them a solution to the nightmare they're living. Do the best you can to lend a helping hand , you may not see it now, but these instances will help get you closer to your own goals. Scorpio will learn a valuable lesson due to the total lunar eclipse on the 20th January , and that lesson is about understanding that you can't control everything around you.

Realize that this behavior is only holding you back from your spiritual growth, and you cannot afford the setback. The planets forecast a great decision that you will have to take shortly which can allow your feelings to roam free. How long has it been since you've wanted a change? You will be glad to know that the super blood wolf moon eclipse will help you achieve just that.

Make the most of the days before the 20th and think about what you would like to change about your life so that when the magic event happens, you will be ready to receive its influence. This may look good on paper, but you will need to be committed and follow through to make your dream reality. The road won't be easy, and you'll need a lot of determination to get it done. Chin up, Sagittarius , you can do it!

Our Complete Guide to the January 21st Total Lunar Eclipse - Universe Today

This total lunar eclipse in Leo will not sit well with you, dear Capricorn. You're already a pessimistic person, and now with this astral event, your feelings of negativity and resentment will come bubbling up without you being able to control them much. Your tendency to control and dominate will also be heightened which might cause some tension between you and your loved ones. Try counting up to ten and reflect on your actions and words before you let anger dominate you.

Remember that confidence is critical in any good relationship. Aquarians will go through a phase of exciting shifts due to the impending lunar eclipse. Rest assured, because those changes have little to do with your love life if you have a partner and more with that inner voice that you so often ignore. The super blood wolf moon will influence you to listen to your gut instinct more. If you learn how to use your powers correctly, you'll be able to avoid all conflict that threatens to disturb your typically calm self. Luckily, Pisces ' sensitivity will not be influenced too much by the total lunar eclipse on the 20th January You will, however, feel its grasp regarding other areas of your life such as work strategies and bad habits.

You will get insight into how to manage your time more effectively , perhaps even change your priorities. Make the most of this time and work on your dark side, improve those things about yourself that are not doing you any favors, like your continuous and excessive self-criticism or maybe that desire to be perfect.

A full moon occurs, when the Sun, earth and Moon are aligned on one axis in space. Astrologically, this is called an opposition of Sun and Moon. Seen from the earth, we can see the Moon completely illuminated by the Sun in the night sky. At a lunar eclipse, the Moon moves into the shadow of the earth.

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Sometimes the eclipse is only partial, when the Moon only partially crosses the shadow. Sometimes the moon crosses the core shadow of the earth in its entirety which results in a total lunar eclipse. However, a lunar eclipse does not occur every full moon because the elliptic lunar orbit is slightly displaced from the ecliptic, the apparent orbit of the Sun, around the earth. The lunar orbit cuts the ecliptic plane at two points.

These intersections are called lunar nodes. When the Moon is located at one of these two intersection points, a lunar eclipse occurs.

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That is the reason why the lunar nodes were formerly referred to as dragon points or dragon head and dragon tail. Because in former times the belief prevailed that the Sun or the Moon would be devoured by a dragon during an eclipse. On the 20th respectively 21st of January , the Moon moves through the ascending lunar node, the North node. Moon and North node thus form a conjunction.

Concurrently this means that the descending lunar node or South Node is in conjunction with the Sun at this point. If you want to learn more about the mythology and the astrological significance as well as the spiritual background of the lunar nodes, watch our video. Link in the description. The earth atmosphere scatters primarily long-wave red Sunlight into the area of the core shadow of the earth, so that the Moon can be observed glowing in a slightly reddish color. Let us now look at the spiritual and occult factors of this special event and the astrological constellation of the 20th respectively 21st of January This is the moment of the exact opposition, which we will interpret now.

Let us first explain what an opposition is. In an opposition, there is strong tension between the planets. The basic forces, i. What does an opposition of the Sun and Moon mean? In an opposition between Sun and Moon, the Sun, Tiferet, projects its light with full power onto the Moon, Yesod, while earth is between this field of tension. Consequently, this point in time is seen as a moment of intense astral influences, which can show in very receptive and suggestible people.

The effect can be even stronger, when someone has a similar constellation in their own birth chart.

January 12222 Eclipse Astrology

When both Sun and Moon form an opposition with the lunar nodes axis, a special astronomic event occurs, namely a lunar eclipse. What does this mean in astrological terms? On the 20th and the 21st of January, the Moon will be in conjunction with the ascending lunar node, and the Sun will be in conjunction with the descending lunar node.

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  8. Sensitivity and that which a human is receptive for Moon is connected conjunction with that which shall manifest more and increase ascending lunar node and both these things show in their self-expression and self-actualization. The individuality Sun is closely connected conjunction with what we shall let go of, and what should decrease descending lunar node and both of these things show in the area of transpersonal freedom Aquarius.

    In the radix chart, you can see how the Sun and the descending lunar node are in conjunction in Aquarius, respectively Capricorn and how they form an opposition with the Moon in conjunction with the ascending lunar node in Leo, respectively Cancer.

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    So, there is tension opposition between the development of the base character Sun together with that which we should let go of descending lunar node on the one hand, and that which moves us on a deep level Moon together with that which should increase ascending lunar node on the other hand. The theme of the conjunction of the Sun and descending lunar node is about transpersonal topics Aquarius and ambition or striving Capricorn , and is in strong polarity opposition with the quality of the conjunction of the Moon and the ascending lunar node, which is the expression of personality Leo and caring sensitivity Cancer.

    Let us have a closer look: There is a conflict between that which we, concerning our basic character Sun , should become more independent of descending lunar node , and that which moves us deeply Moon and which should become more manifest ascending lunar node. This indicates that the problem of Aquarius might manifest, which is to become distant and impersonal Sun in exile in Aquarius , which might mean that we want to withdraw from a certain development.

    At the same time, the descending lunar node, which is in conjunction with the Sun, has a strengthening influence on the task to become more independent of individual qualities Sun conjunction descending lunar node in Capricorn and that influence comes with an ambitious quality Capricorn.


    These could, for example, be qualities that are connected to the problems of the Sun, which is in exile in Aquarius, where the more problematic qualities of the Sun may become more prevalent. These are for example pride , arrogance, egotism and a know-it-all manner. Additionally, the descending lunar node is in conjunction with Mercury, and Mercury is in conjunction with Pluto.

    Lunations: Eclipses – Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses 12222

    Which additional basic forces and qualities are therefore connected with the aforementioned lunar node axis? Through the conjunction with Mercury, the theme of mental clarity is addressed. This quality in combination Mercury conjunction lunar node with ambition both in Capricorn and uncompromising ambitious striving towards the best Pluto also in conjunction, also in Capricorn can help us to become aware of our weaknesses and problematic aspects of our personality Sun in Aquarius in exile and to let go of them conjunction descending lunar node.

    The position of the Moon is also quite interesting, since the Moon receives some of the quality of Cancer, because of its conjunction with the ascending lunar node in Cancer, which strengthens the Moon in its receptive quality. This is because in Cancer the Moon has its dominion and thus has a good and strong position there. Another energetic aspect, but one with friction square , comes from the position of Uranus.

    The ability to change Uranus is impulsive Aries. This transformative power Uranus , which wants to express itself immediately Aries , has great potential and strong energy square Sun and Moon , which can help to allow the changes of the aforementioned opposition of the Sun and Moon and the lunar nodes. It can help to directly act upon Aries impulses for change Uranus. For Uranus also shows us in what way we deal with impulses for further development. Tides are governed by the gravitational pull of the moon and, to a lesser extent, the sun.

    Because the sun and moon go through different alignments, this affects the size of the tides. O nly 12 people have ever walked on the moon and they were all American men, including most famously Neil Armstrong who was the first in on the Apollo II mission. It was the smell of moon-dust brought in on their boots. The mineral, armalcolite, discovered during the first moon landing and later found at various locations on Earth, was named after the three Apollo 11 astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.