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Their restless mind can be faddish and an over-active imagination often gives rise to odd quirks and phobias. A good few of the examples below had multiple marriages 3 and over! Health seems to be an issue and this could come from their highly-strung nerves. It may be hard for them to separate their ego from their thinking, taking it far too personally when anyone disagrees with their opinion.

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They can be masters of spin. Mercury being the neuter planet can account for a tendency to androgyny and bi-sexuality, or a certain childlike asexual charm. But there is also the question of combustion to consider.

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Some forward thinking traditional astrologers have considered reducing the orb and raising the limit for Cazimi which I think would be worth considering when you look at the list on page 2. This would bring prolific songwriter Carole King into the cazimi category. Mozart is also considered a genius and has Mercury combust Sun. A good example of the Sun His father absorbing his child Mercury. Mercury being so close to the Sun can find it difficult to have its own mindset separate from the father or father figure. The problem with cookbook astrology is that there are anomalies where the whole chart needs to be considered, especially when you consider traditional methods.

At the same time this cookbook research has its uses, as you can clearly see the great intellectual vision and gifts of the cazimi Sun conjunct Mercury in the examples below. Sun conjunct Mercury may have had a hard time getting heard or being taken seriously by authority figures as children and were probably constantly being told to shut up. As adults then, they will tend to rebel from conventional society and support causes that are deemed ridiculous by the general public.

Militant feminist Valerie Solanas is a good example of this. Things are very black or white for them. Sun cazimi Mercury on the other hand sits in the heart of the sun and seems to have a deep wisdom that permeates from other dimensions and out through their soul. These people radiate wisdom and often become advisors and gurus to the elites.

His humour was dark and satirical, covering a huge array of topics including social issues, religion, philosophy and politics. Her myriad of provocative stage personas ensure her ongoing status as a gay icon.

He is openly bi-sexual. Her emphasis was on lyrics. It seems she wrote for others because her nerves reportedly gave such severe stage fright, she very rarely took to the stage. Deeply superstitious he also kept a St. Anthony statue about his person at all times.

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Stone has often been criticized for historical inaccuracy. It's… Grammarly Learn more Jupiter government's money is going backwards in this chart. And the first day after its direct station, on January 26, , the money finally arrived. Is there the possibility of a romantic partnership in the future with the man I am currently in love with? The questioner tells that she's been having a relationship with a man that she loves for a long time, but they separated in October , because the relationship was marked by major unavailability by him, as he was also involved in another relationship, raising a son with his mother.

Two weeks before asking the question, she met him again, which brought up many feelings, so she asked the question if there was the possibility of a future relationship with this man. She also told me that she's been doing s lot of spiritual work on herself in order to learn to let go the attachments and other harmful relationship patterns.

This chart show Venus ruler of the Ascendant and therefore of the woman asking the question cazimi in the 12 house of spiritual healing. Actually the entire story incarnates the definition that Abu Ma'shar gave to cazimi: it is "like a man who purifies himself and so lacks strength, but will regain health afterwards".

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As this is a relationship question, the charts suggests a 'healing' of this relationship and allows us to answer YES to the horary question. Contribute to this page Do you have in your charts archive one that relates to this subject? Thank you. Algol algol. Free Astrology Report astrology-consultant. Latest threads Overseas research assignment and what else?

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Overseas relocation and? Sabian Symbols for this moment For the Sun: A sword, used in many battles, in a museum. Read Free For 30 Days.

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