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Virgo Rising sign people always appreciates a good pragmatic explanation and they are always searching for more knowledge. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Yet inspite of being so realistic, they often encounter problems of perspective.

☉ Sun in Taurus + Virgo Asc (rising sign) HD

They too often get caught up in the minor details and fail to see the big picture. They can easily obsess over minuscule specifics, driving those around them crazy. Read more about the Virgo man personality. Nevertheless, this aspect makes them extremely good editors and researchers. This star sign is rather secretive. What you see on the surface may not at all be what you get.

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In fact it may even be the exact opposite. There could be a whole whirlwind of emotions going on beneath the surface, but you would never know it. Virgo ascendants like to keep their private lives very private. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! They are not known for their intimacy at all, in fact. Instead, they choose to keep their emotions under wraps.

Your Personality Traits with Virgo Rising at Your Birth

They are modest people of few words, simple in dress and in style. Virgo rising sign often keeps up social facades, remaining cool and standoffish at social gatherings.

Gemini rising people see the world as one giant classroom, and this is a quality they wear right on their sleeve for all to see. They are talkative, curious, and social, often asking a lot of questions at all times.

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They are ever observant, and they always seem to have interesting to add to the conversation at hand. Gemini rising people are often the life of the party. They exude a certain sense of familiarity, and they tend to immediately put people right at ease. They are shy, sensitive folks who tend to sit on the sidelines and observe as opposed to trying to be the center of attention.

2. List Sun, Moon, and Planets for Each

They were simply born to stand out with their striking appearances and their bold approaches to people and to life in general. They always act as if all eyes are on them, even when completely alone. They are given to dramatic gestures and grandiosity, and often appear to be people who were born to take the lead. These are natural, understated, quietly charming folks that exude an aura of capability and intelligence.

Rising Sign Attraction...

They have a tendency to be a bit shy and reserved until they become used to their surroundings and the people in them. These people are also typically very health-conscious, taking impeccable care of their well being, both inside and out. They tend to be picky eaters and sometimes even hypochondriacs. Libra rising people are likeable individuals who generally have very well polished manners and a diplomatic approach to those around them.

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Virgo Ascendant / Virgo Rising: Appearance of Man & Woman

They are attractive individuals who exude an aura of charm and appear to have easy-going, go-with-the-flown natures. They make powerfully intense impressions and seem to see right through you to your very core. Some people find this intimidating or off-putting while others find it refreshing. They can also possess a tendency toward paranoia, as they are very private individuals who worry constantly about having that privacy violated. Gemini with an ascendant in Virgo is quick to reproach, if something is wrong, but easily reconciled.

They generally do not stay in one place for a long time, unless they really philosophize. These are excellent critics and review authors. The life of their feelings is constantly controlled by the mind; They suffer from it, but they do not know how to do it. They must express what they feel, and this often kills the feeling.

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Their love often looks prudent, or dabbled — intellectual tones; They are the authors of love memoirs. You are a very sensible person and like to translate your ideas into reality. You like the elegant and neat environment and sometimes you seem excessively clean or picky. You are very good at handling the details that are important for establishing the order that you love so much. Wanting to get rich, you make savings.

You are frugal and prudent, you want to calmly reach wealth and save money. You strive for complete perfection around and put all things in their place. You are modest, rather nervous, and you are somewhat lacking in self-confidence. You dress neatly, but imperceptibly.


When you want, you can show diplomacy, tact and discernment. You like healthy food and often cook with enthusiasm. Beware of a lack of perspective vision, which can lead to pettiness You are not easily angered, but you also do not easily forgive. You are a strong-willed, intelligent and resourceful person, you can be extremely tenacious. Probably, in your family there is some secret: your father was married twice or one of the parents has a secret love affair. In old age you can have two houses, possibly in different countries.

Your friends are not constant, and although you will often part with them, you will easily make new acquaintances.